The mission is simple, this is a volentary site for clergy to register if they have passed a polygraph test.  

The Mission of this website is to get Clergy to take a modern polygraph test.  Polygraph tests are not 100% accurate, but they are very close.

We feel, any clergy who takes a test has nothing to hide, therefor we are not going to list clergy who did not pass.  But we do feel, those who have passed the test, and are listed on this site, are helping to strenthen the trust in our church officials.  Once again, we support the Church and have a belief most people are inherintly honest, we are not looking to be negative.  But we do look to help the public trust their Church officials more.

Any result we get from the test, will only be released at the discretion of the party taking the test. It’s my belief your actions are between you and God and no one else.  And we can re-arrange a test, should you fail.  We are not out to smear peoples reputations, we are out to help promote faith and trust to those who deserve it.  

Please Tell as many as you can about this mission, for the benefit of all.  We look foward to getting our first person listed.

We hope clergy will take the test on their own good will, and be proud of having their name displayed on here.

God Bless and may this site help the Children.

Please spread this far and wide, if you feel it can help.

Be the first to be listed, text us at 7406321491

Polygraph For Priests